beavis_intro.jpg (74454 bytes) beavis and butthead , Finial Render Released on KaFe (Kazan ArtFestival)  Got 7th or 9th place.

beavis_profil.jpg (24701 bytes)part of experiments with hair, grown with Shave And Haircut for light-wave.

beavisandbuttheadinthethreedee.jpg (69590 bytes) Beavis and Butthead in the three-dee, Final Render, Finally released at ChasosConstruction 00, got 3d place.

c0.jpg (30226 bytes) Probably, will be an audi-tt. have no spare time yet to finish it. :(

car1_bw.JPG (71007 bytes) Future car, my first model in LW[6] . not yet finished. was dropped due to switch on another project. hope - not forever.

wheel.JPG (29763 bytes) Just a wheel for car listed above.

explosion.JPG (44011 bytes) Nice effect maked out of new sprite-voxels with velocity deformation, in LW[6.5]

Technological test of caustic of LW[6]

some gene things. boring. lw7.

face modelling test. not yet finished.

some car modelling. actually, this is not audi ;) that will be pajero. or somthing. ;))

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